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Our partner foundry site, the Wu'an Foundry, is strategically located in the eastern part of the Wu'an city (Hebei, China); one of the four ore capitals in China with its abundance in iron and steel. This foundry site houses a variety of casting, metal processing, and testing equipments within its 2 office buildings and 7 workshops.

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  Furnaces Induction Furnaces
This site has a total of 7 furnaces available for production. This consists of a 5 and 3 ton copulas furnace and 5 induction furnaces with capacties ranging from 10 tons, 3 tons, 1 ton, to half a ton.
  Casting Copulas Product Processing Center
The molding equipment available at this site supports 4 types of molding technology - resin sand molding, resin sand shell molding, permanent molding, and green sand molding.
The site is equipped with 18 traveling cranes with capacities ranging from 16 tons to 3 tons and a host of machining tools and centers. These include lathes, milling machines, and grinders.
  Lab & Testing CW61100 Lathe Bed CW6183 Lathe Bed
The testing lab at Wu'an is equipped with chemical analysis tools, metallurgical structure microscopes, spark spectrometers, tensile strength testers, and brinnel hardness testers to ensure the quality of our castings.
Metallurgical Analysis Chemical Analysis Lab
Spark Spectrometer Tensile Strength Tester Brinnel Hardness Tester
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